My dream has come true thanks to launching my own fantasy ligerie-line, Seductive Angel’s Fantasy – a young international lingerie brand. My passion for fashion, beautiful fabrics and business gave me the inspiration for Seductive Angel’s – because behind every women’s outfit is hidden a little seductive angel!

My favorite piece of clothing is of course the lingerie! What else can be more feminine and versatile than a lingerie?

I’d love to be an inspiration and passion kick for every woman with my Seductive Angel’s Fantasy-lingerie. My wish is to enrich your wardrobe with lingerie that makes you happy, in which you are confident and stylish 24/7. My fantasy sets are flattering and they emphasize your “being feminine”. The comfortable fitting, elegance, full style and versatility of Seductive Angel makes sure you do not have to worry about your lingerie and you can make a party every day & night.


“Because lingerie is your second skin, so you have to feel perfect in it”

Furthermore, I hope that you will realize that wearing Seductive Angel’s lingerie makes you stronger and enhances better your femininity.

I want to let you experience that in my designs without any effort you can be stylish, sexy, elegant, surprising, sophisticated and fantastic at any time of the day, night and on any occasion.


“Because lingerie wearing is a way of life and a way of loving (yourself)”

I love women who are confident in their life, who are enjoying their life, daring themselves to be as much feminine and stylish as possible and facing new challenges. Women who understand that party can be made in any time and in any place! Whether you do it with international allure or Dutch common sense, grandiosely, vivaciously or subtly, modestly and delicately, important that you are yourself!

My designs are perfect for ALL women !!!


“Confidence? Wear it like a make up!”

For any information you can contact me in English, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Spanish and Turkish!


It will be a pleasure to make business with you!